Sign up – Under 4 years old

Under 4 years old

If a child is four years old, they can go to elementary school. On this page you can read all about signing up your child for our school.

Information mornings

Would you like to sign up your child with us? Then come first to an information morning! Preferably visit the information morning before your child is three years old. Data from the information mornings can be found in the calendar.

Overview page

How do I sign up my child?

To register your child with us, use this form: Preschool Class 1 application form (for children under 4 years old). Even if an older sibling is already at our school, it is necessary that you submit a registration form to us.
Please fill in and submit signed:

  • Preferably by e-mail: scanned to
  • Personally submit to the pupil administration at school on Tuesday (09:00 – 11:00)
  • By post to:

Waldorf aan de Werf
t.a.v. Student Administration
Werengouw 85
1024 NN Amsterdam

You will receive an e-mail proof of registration, which shows what information your child is registered with.

When do I need to sign up my child?

You can register your child from 2 years to 3 years and several months. The closing dates for the return of the form:

Child birth date
Submission Date Form
possible draw
1st of May to 31st of Aug 2017 2nd of Oct 2020 8th of Oct 2020
1st of Sept to 31st of Dec 2017

February 12th, 2021

18th of Feb 2020
1st of Jan to 30th of April 2018 May 21st, 2021 May 27th, 2021
1st of May to 31st of Aug 2018 October 15th, 2021 28th of Oct 2021


The distribution of places is carried out automatically. The principals of the schools are present at the draw Each child has an equal chance of getting a place, with the exception of two priority criteria:

  1. Brothers and sisters of pupils, if they live together in a family.
  2. Children of an employee of the Geert Groote Scholen foundation or Waldorf aan de Werf.

More sign-ups than places?

When there are more sign-ups than places, a draw is made. Your child will then join them in order of the schools you have specified.

Sign up permanently

After the placement round, we will contact you within a week. If you want to use the place for your child, the final registration will follow.

Drawn out… What now?

If your child has been rolled at Waldorf aan de Werf, you can immediately sign him/her up for another school in the Amsterdam central admissions system. All information can be found in the Schoolwijzer Amsterdam. You are then assured of a place for your child.


If you have any questions about the registration or placement, you can contact the
student administration:

Learn more about the sign-in procedure

Central reporting policy for primary schools

In Amsterdam, a central registration system for primary schools was introduced in 2016, giving parents priority over a school close to the home address. Waldorf aan de Werf does not participate in this central lottery system, but with a separate draw with a small number of other schools.

Why does Waldorf aan de Werf not participate in the central sign-up system?

Waldorf aan de Werf is under the board of the Geert Groote Scholen Foundation. The Geert Groote Scholen Foundation believes it is important that parents are allowed to choose a school of their reference, regardless of where they live. Together with 11 other small school boards in Amsterdam, the schools of Geert Groote Scholen Foundatino therefore have their own lottery round, whereby no priority is given on the basis of postcode or distance from the school.

How does the Geert Grote Scholen Foundation’s own placement round work in practice?

There are two placement rounds. First one for the small group of schools that Waldorf participates in at the Werf and that 4 weeks later for all other schools in Amsterdam. Waldorf aan de Werf participates in the first round. That way, if your child is drawn out, you can still participate in the regular registration round.


As a starting school WadW does not yet have an extensive care structure, therefore we do not take on children with a care question or where a care pathway is involved at the current school.